Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Nail fungus also known as Onychomycosis is a fungal infection, which is caused by a special fungi called dermatophyte. The fungus affects the outer layer of the skin and then it progresses towards the nail plate. It is commonly found in men. Many natural remedies are available for the nail fungus removal but at times the treatment can get complicated. That is because the fungi is found living in the dead tissues and medicines often don’t reach those areas.

If the infection is superficial, topical treatment will do the work. There are instances in which people have been unaware that they were affected by the fungus. The condition did not produce any symptom and people got to know that they were infected by fungus at the time when the infection got severe. In such a situation, topical treatments and natural remedies can be of no use. The only option left is nail fungus laser treatment.

Introduction of laser technology

Laser has been used in the treatment of a wide variety of human diseases. It can effectively remove the toenail fungus too. Laser projects rays that contain sufficient amount of energy, which can reach the tissues, produce heat and destroy the fungi there.

Laser treatment for nail fungus removal is fairly new. The results of laser treatment however have been promising. Doctors say that removing the toenail to get rid of the fungus is an ineffective remedy. In that case, laser treatment is the lender of the last resort. The treatment is safe but it is fairly expensive than other therapies and treatments available for toenail fungus removal. The treatment will involve multiple sessions too.

Research shows that efficacy of laser treatment is small and the trails haven’t been controlled. Most of the treatments that have been performed were funded by the laser companies to test whether it works or not. Furthermore, insurance does not cover the laser treatment.

Is laser treatment really effective?

For most of the patients, oral drug can stop the infection from spreading and regular soaking can make the condition better. But if that does not work, then sometimes the toenail has to be removed. If the infection is deep, the nail matrix has to be destroyed, which will prevent the nail to grow back. That can be a really ugly situation for some people.

There is no sufficient evidence that shows laser treatment for fungal removal is effective. Even doctors try multiple other treatments before they recommend their patients to go for laser treatment. The only reason is that it is unknown whether the treatment will actually work or not. There is no good amount of evidence to prove that. However, some still say that it is safe and actually helps.