Toenail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis, is a common fungal problem that just about anyone can encounter. It is a fungal infection that develops on the nails but it is not usually painful. The only discomfort it can cause is that you might not be able to walk or stand for extended period of time or wearing shoes may become painful. The fungus is likely to hit the toenails and then the fingernails. If the fungus reaches further, it can destroy the nail plate and the only treatment left is to remove the nail itself.

Causes of Toenail fungus

You can catch fungi from anywhere and it may start doing its work without letting you be aware of it. Damp areas where you are walking barefoot can make you vulnerable to catch the fungi. It can be a swimming pool, locker room, or even your own shower. If you injure your nail bed, it can get more susceptible to infection and your nails might catch fungus. Excessive perspiration is also a cause of fungus infection.

Symptoms of Toenail fungus

The toenail symptoms depend on how much the infection has developed. The first thing that you might notice is the change in the color of your nail. It will get white, orange, yellow or brown streaks. Sometimes, the nail becomes thick, crumbled, dull or even rage. The nail may also starts emitting a foul odor. In some cases, it separates from the nail bed.

The nail may also friable and fall off itself. The nail that is infected can become thick and it gets difficult to clip it off. The fungus starts by affecting the skin just as it happens in athlete’s foot. Even if you have treated the skin, the infection may retain in the nail and it can spread to other parties of the body. It may even reach other people.

The nail surface may even become soft and powdery in some cases. Some people even experience pain in the toes or fingertips because of the fungus.

Do you know that this infection can prolong for years without causing any pain and if ignored you won’t even know when it gets worse. Theinfection progresses as the quality and color of the toenail changes. Eventually your nail will start to appear ugly.

If you have discovered any of the symptoms of toenail fungus and it is not that severe then you just need to adopt some precautions and it will go away. Treatment may not be required in that case. In order to prevent this problem, you are required to keep your feet and nails clean. Individuals suffering from toenail fungus are recommended to wear breathable socks and shoes to let the feet breath.