Toenail fungal infection is a common issue that has affected many men and women. It occurs when a fungus attacks the toenail or the skin of the feet, which we know by the name nail bed. The fungus attacks the nails by reaching through small cuts in the skin and around the nail. Usually, the infection does not hurt. It will definitely look bad because it targets by damaging the nail and the nail bed.

Those individuals, who are diabetic, are often affected by the fungal nail infection. Fungi are found growing in moist places. You can catch them from pools and public showers. It may even be present in your own shoes.


The symptoms that will you see after getting affected by the fungal infection include:

  • Yellow or white nails

  • Thick nails

  • Nail crumbling and splitting from the skin

Those, who have the infection, might not be able to stand for a long time, walk or wear shoes for extended period of time. If the infection is minor, you will not feel any pain but if the infection is severe, then it may get uncomfortable and your toe tips might feel sore. If left untreated, it can permanently damage the nail bed or the entire nail. Don’t think it will go away itself, it will simply get worse if it’s not treated.


There are medications available in the form of lotions, creams, and medicated nail polishes. You can try them without any prescription. If these solutions do not help, then you will have to see a doctor. He will probably recommend a stronger treatment. The doctor will give you anti-fungal medicine for curing the infection.


The best way to deal with the fungal infection is to avoid getting it of course. The problem is that fungus may be available everywhere. It can be there in your shoes, your home’s carpet, or other moist places like locker rooms or showers. There are certain steps through which you can prevent the fungus from infecting your nails. Here are some tips that can help:

  • If you see any change in your toenail, and you see symptoms of the infection, it is better to take prevention right away. It is easier to treat the infection when it’s in the early stage.

  • Keep your feet and toenails clean. If you have to wear shoes for extended time, change your socks daily and change your shoes time after time too. Scrub your feet daily to clean them up well.

  • Go for pedicure once a week. Doing it at home would be better because sometimes people catch infection from salons.

Do not panic if you have been infected by the fungus. It is treatable but you will simply have to opt for the right treatment to get rid of it.