ToenailfungusToe nail fungus is an infection caused by fungus on toes nails. It is known as Onychomycosis medically. It is a very common type of fungal infection and easily treatable. Such infections at times heal on their own under suitable condition; but it is advisable that once the symptoms appear, medical care should be sought immediately in order to stop the infection from getting worse.


Generally toe nail fungus is picked from wet and moist areas. People going to gym and using communal showers or people visiting swimming pools often have a greater chance of getting the infection. This is probably because the water is not treated properly and the space is used by several people on the same day. Even athletes have a greater risk of getting the infection as they wear fitted shoes for long hours at a time. The sweat that makes contact with toes for such a long time can cause this infection easily if toes are not cleaned properly.

There are other cases of toe nail fungus where it is caused due to another disease that makes it easy for the infection to affect the body. Such disease includes AIDS. Other than this old age people are more prone to getting infections anyways, so as the symptoms appear medical care should be sought.


Usually the first symptom of toe nail fungus is appearance of yellow or white spots under the tips of toe nails. The nails start getting thicker and hard, but even though begin to crumble at the edges. There is discoloration of nails and nails may even start to come off at one point. Remember that it is not necessary for the fungus to affect all the nails.


Toe nail fungus if in its mild form does not require any medical treatment. All that is needed to be done is to give your toes some air and dry space for some time in the day. It is still advisable that you seek medical attention as soon as the symptoms come to notice. In case the infection gets worse; that is when you realize the nails are starting to come off or there is pain. It is then important that you visit a doctor at once. The doctor will probably prescribe an antifungal medicine along with an ointment or even an antifungal lacquer for nails. It is important to follow the dosage of the prescribed medicines in order for the medicines to work properly. It should be kept it mind that such fungal infections tend to reoccur so it is best to treat it properly. During the course of treatment also try putting on more airy shoes and slippers rather than tight shoes.


Once you are cured from the infection or sense that it maybe coming back but there are no noticeable signs; it is best to take precautions so that the infection does not occur. These precautions include keeping your feet clean, drying off wet toes thoroughly, cutting off excess nails, use antiseptics to wash feet, massage toes with oil and wear airy shoes so that there is no sweat gathered make contact with toes for long.

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